5 Important Office Areas that Need Regular Maintenance

More people are spending significant time at the office rather than at home or any place of leisure or rest. After all, in a world where unemployment is the realest threat in a harsh world, employees seem to be more willing to spend more than eight hours sitting in front of a computer than to enrich themselves outside of the office.

If you’re a business owner who sees your employees struggling from stressful work environments, you can do your part and improve their working conditions for them. Simple office maintenance can go a long way in keeping your employees sane, after all. To help maintain your valuable people’s esteem, pride and energy, ensure that these five areas are clean and organized.


office-chairs-in-uaeHave you noticed those neat workstations with high-quality office chairs in UAE and other countries? Take care of your people and hire a group of facilities maintenance for regular cleaning. Keeping those desks clean and sanitizing the area also goes in your favour. After all, a clean work environment fosters healthy employees, who in turn will be present every day and who will be your best performers.


Your office pantry is a high-traffic area. If you’re supposed to maintain your people’s workstations, how much more should you clean your shared eating area? Make sure the maintenance people clean the refrigerator weekly, eliminating bacteria from old, uneaten lunch boxes. The sinks, tables, and chairs should be neat and organized. It’s also best to set certain house rules just so your employees feel a little responsible for their shared space.


Not all people are educated when it comes to proper washroom use. To make sure that your employees use clean and sanitized washrooms, direct the maintenance staff to common issues in the washroom. Provide tissue paper, too. And make sure there’s clean, running water on the tap, since proper hand washing is essential to a healthy work environment.


Though your office pantry and washrooms can be the busiest, your hallways should also be regularly maintained. Hang paintings if you want to exude a certain feel to your office halls. You can even shop corner tables and breakout areas at  to get specific design ideas. It’s also ideal to have pots of different indoor plants so your employees will feel more inspired walking around the office to their colleagues from different departments.


Your office lobby serves as your face to guests, applicants, and potential business associates. What will they think when entering your office premises? Will they be impressed and encouraged to do business with you? Will they instead turn away and find a more tasteful company to work for? The office lobby should be cleaned as well.

These important areas all contribute to the overall energy in your office. A little attention and care goes a long way in keeping and growing your business. Visit http://www.abc-ae.com/ 

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