Is business setup easy in UAE?

Five Considerations for Setting up Your Own Business

In this day and age, more people are considering setting up their own business and being their own boss instead of being just another staff in a multinational company. If you’re the entrepreneurial type, you’re likely to think of the first option.

However, setting up a business can be harder than it sounds. You will face fierce competition, crippling self-doubt, and trust issues among your people. Not everyone can sustain the bigger stress and responsibility of running a company, after all. If you’re dead set on being the successful entrepreneur, though, here are five considerations that can help you in the beginning.

Are your finances ready?

As business experts say, you need money to make money. Is your personal savings and investments even enough to buy raw materials for selling export-quality dates? Will your credit history enable you to get a sizable bank loan for a decent capital? Will your parents and trusted friends be willing to lend you money at first? Make sure your finances can sustain a business for at least six months to a year and you’re okay.

What do you want to sell?

Do you know what your generation, neighbors, or even current colleagues want or need in their life that they have a hard time getting? Is an importing business viable for you? What commodity has a shortage in your city? These factors can help you decide what to sell unless you already know what you want to offer to clients.

Will you have somebody to sell to?

Now that you have a capital and a supply, you need the demand. Will it be smart to sell winter jackets in a country in the Middle East? Your product should be connected with your customers. If you sell people something they need, like food, house materials, pet grooming services, or house cleaning services, you will most likely survive because people buy those regularly.

Do you know people who can help you?

Now that you have established the capital, product, and potential clients, perhaps it’s time to get help. Maintaining a business is no one-man job, and two heads can brainstorm way better ideas than one man can. It would be ideal if you have a business partner whom you can trust with finances, legal matters, and overall office management. Hire people who understand your goals and values and they will work with purpose and efficiency.

Do you believe in your idea?

Do you believe in yourself? This may seem more of a philosophical than economical consideration, but believing in yourself and your business idea is critical to setting up a business successfully. Believe in your values and your thoughts will manifest in your words and actions.

If you can positively and firmly answer these five questions, you are better prepared for more challenges and questions that you will meet along the way.

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