Contemporary Kitchen: Countertops and Floors

Corian companyEach element in your kitchen is important. The decors, lighting, appliances and the layout all contribute in making an impressive kitchen. Having enough kitchen space and getting the latest appliances, however, are not everything in a contemporary kitchen. There are two other elements that are often neglected, yet play crucial roles: the flooring and the countertop.

The flooring system

The kitchen is a heavy-traffic area, so ceramic tile is a great material choice. This material is excellent for any kitchen style and budget. If you have a particular theme in mind, ceramic tile offers you options for the size, colour, shape and pattern. If you want a contemporary kitchen, you may consider ash grey mosaic tile. It is sleek and stylish, perfect for a modern kitchen. One of the best things about ceramic tile is it stands up to wear and tear. Apart from that, it is easy to clean. However, the tile can crack when a dish or glass dropped on it.

Another flooring material which is popular among contemporary households is hardwood. A hardwood floor gives the kitchen a warm appeal. The look it gives to your kitchen never goes out of style, hence, classic. Hardwood is durable and can last for a long time. If you have a prefinished one, expect that it’s moisture-resistant as well. Hardwood flooring comes in two types: engineered wood planks and solid wood strips. The engineered wood’s veneer is made of real wood backed by layers of less costly plywood. The layers of wood make the flooring stable and less susceptible to movement.

The countertop

Countertops are as equally important as the floor. The Corian countertops in UAE are great with their seamless integration design. They create an illusion of a single flowing surface, giving the kitchen a contemporary appeal.

When choosing countertops, you should not only think of the aesthetics. You also have to ensure the countertops are highly functional. Consider, for instance, the Corian countertops. These are non-porous, to prevent stains from penetrating their surface. With proper cleaning, these countertops also resist the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Click here to get more detail on the Corian countertops.

Another countertop material gaining popularity is copper. It’s easy to clean and maintain. And as copper reacts to different substance, it creates a blend of reds, greens and browns that are truly charming. Copper, however, is prone to discoloration. It’s also susceptible to dings and scratches and can be easily marred by heavy or sharp objects.

Improving the look and functionality of your kitchen, shouldn’t end with appliances. You must also spend time and effort on your kitchen countertops and flooring system.

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