What to Do in Dubai for an Overnight Stay

You may be staying in Dubai for just two days, or you only have one full day to explore the city while doing business. Whatever your travel arrangements are, it’s important to make the most of the time you have in Dubai. This means waking up early to get started on your day, and trying different activities that will leave you with a good overall experience of the place.

Here’s what a day’s itinerary around Dubai can be like:

Morning: Breakfast at the Dubai Marina

Start your morning with food that fills you with energy for the big day and wakes you up with a good view. Downtown Dubai has several breakfast joints, some of them specializing in eggs, pancakes, and local offerings. Do be mindful of the big portions. You might easily skip lunch if you have a big breakfast, but if you’re going on a full-day adventure, you need to have the stamina for the entire trip. If you’re not a fan of heavy carbohydrate-rich foods for breakfast, there are several shacks offering healthy smoothies, so you still get that fill of energy without feeling guilty about the calories, even though you’ll burn them anyway.


Morning: Visiting the Burj Khalifa


Standing 829.8 meters tall, the Burj Khalifa is a popular tourist attraction in Dubai. Head to the observation deck at the 124th floor and see the majestic views surrounding you. Spend your morning marveling at the tall buildings and attractions you see from such vantage point. Burj Khalifa comes complete with a multimedia presentation for visitors, so do check that out.


Afternoon: Dubai Mall


Fill your shopping bags with great finds from the Dubai Mall, which also has an ice-skating rink and cinema. After you’re done shopping, you can take your lunch at one of the eating spots in the vicinity. The premier mall is actually the entrance to the Burj Khalifa, so you won’t have to sweat going from one to the other. If you go in January or February, you’ll also catch the Dubai Shopping Festival.


Evening/Nighttime: Desert Safari


To finish off your trip, head to the desert for a Dubai evening desert safari, which is actually an overnight affair. This part of the trip gives you wonderful views of nature as you slowly relax for the end of your day. Visit this website if you’re interested and want to know more about an evening desert safari tour.


Your trip to Dubai doesn’t have to last a week for you to have fun. Spend whatever time you have by doing activities that interest you, and you’ll have a good time for sure.

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