How to Select the Best Super Yacht For Your Excursion

If you are looking to rent a yacht in Dubai for your next sailing excursion, you’ll soon have your hands full with selecting the most viable charter for your needs amongst an overwhelming choice of vessels on offer. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when selecting a viable yacht for your trip:


Before you start reviewing potential yachts, it is indispensable to set a realistic budget for your charter and stick to it. Not only would this help narrow down your options but also make sure that you don’t while away your time looking at charters that fall way beyond your budget. Your budget should factor in the price of your flight, any additional berthing and fueling costs, and travel expenses to your yacht wherever it may be. It’s important to keep in mind that the most expensive options are not necessarily superior and the cheapest deals do not translate into a flawed and insufficient charter. For instance, an older and larger boat may be priced equal to a smaller and newer boat owing to their   on-board facilities, respective conditions, and ages. Instead of throwing your hard earned money to the winds to glean everything that you want, you can do your diligent research to find the best deal.

Yacht size

The bigger the vessel, the larger the size of the exterior deck space, saloon, bathrooms, and bedrooms, but keep in mind that a 34m long four-cabin yacht is quite different in interior size to a 24m long four-cabin yacht, although this depends on the style and age of the boat. Deciding on a boat size will depend on the amenities you are expecting for the purpose of your intended charter and the number of guests accompanying you.

Sailing vs. motor yacht charter

If you really want to feel the sea breeze in your face, you can experience this much better in a sailing yacht than in a motor yacht. Guests on a sailing yacht can delve into the luxury amenities which are synonymous with a luxury super-yacht, all the while watching the towering sails flutter in the wind. In addition, if you are into deep sea fishing in Dubai, a sailing yacht is your perfect choice.

A motor yacht charter, on the other hand, offers privacy, exclusivity, and a head-turning entrance to any marina or port. Life aboard a motor yacht is nothing short of that in a five-star boutique hotel. Not to mention, these yachts offer comfort and security in rougher sea conditions, in addition to providing optimum security.  If you want to travel faster and reach your destination as soon as possible, you should consider chartering a motor yacht.

A family-friendly charter

If you are travelling with children, you need to look for a “child friendly” yacht that is outfitted with all the safety precautions, such as safety rails around swimming pools and stairways, and allocation of adjoining cabins so that your kids are never far away from you.

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