In-demand Medical Professionals in Dubai

The healthcare industry of the UAE has witnessed a significant increase in demand in recent years. Experts attribute this primarily to the country’s efforts to promote and establish itself as an international hub for medical tourism in the GCC region. As the demand for high-quality healthcare services increases, so does the demand for medical professionals. Here, we look at some of the most likely needed medical professionals in the country:


Dental experts are among the most in-demand medical experts as optimal oral health is given further focus and emphasis. Numerous residents, expatriates, and Emiratis in the UAE put a premium on the health and appearance of their teeth and mouth. Given this, dental procedures such as dental implantology and teeth whitening are expected to see continuous demand. Many people are looking for the best dental clinic in Dubai as the demand for the expertise of these medical professionals is steadily growing.


A cardiologist is a medical expert that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of health conditions and diseases related to the heart and blood vessels. However, they do not necessarily perform surgeries. They are the experts who monitor a patient’s blood pressure, weight, heart condition, lungs, and blood vessels. As the country strives to close the gap between demand and supply in its healthcare sector, cardiologists are expected to be among the medical professionals whose services will be highly required.


As of 2015, there is one baby born every 3.5 hours in Dubai alone. This means a total of 30,348 babies were born in the UAE’s second largest emirate for the year 2015. These figures translate to a steady demand for the expertise of pediatricians in Dubai. Pediatricians, however, not only care for newborn babies. Their expertise also includes providing medical care to toddlers, children, pre-teens and teenagers up to 18 years of age.



The role of physiotherapists is to help and enable individuals to improve or regain the function and mobility of their physical bodies, including their neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. Physiotherapists commonly use manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and electrotherapy as part of the treatment programs. A specialist in physiotherapy in Dubai provides valuable support and care to individuals recuperating from an operation, an accident, or an injury. Their professional experience and skills will continue to be required as individuals – and their families – seek to regain control of their bodies and their lives. Click here.

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