Diabetic Friendly Fruits

5 Areas of Concern for a Robust and Healthy Lifestyle

In this fast-paced and highly-commercialized modern life, it’s harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle than to say no to a slice of fudgy chocolate cake with caramel filling. After all, it’s also easier to buy from restaurants than to cook your own meals at home.

So how would you really manage a healthy lifestyle with all the temptations around you? It is challenging but it can be done. Here are the five areas in your life that you should give time and thought to if you want to live a longer, quality life.


You’re lucky if your culture favors healthy food. With all the advertisements of global fast food corporations infiltrating every major city, however, sometimes it’s lovelier to eat a gooey chocolate chip cookie than a serving of fresh fruits, and it seems more satisfying to snack on salty potato chips than on cucumber and carrot sticks. Protect and respect your body and eat diabetic friendly fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Your body will love you back if you eat only food with high nutrient value.

Physical Activities

Regular exercise complements a healthy diet, of course. If you jog every morning, or take boxing lessons, or even stretch and do yoga at home, you’re strengthening your body and so you become less vulnerable to diseases. With faster metabolism, you can also burn all the calories you’re taking in.

Mental and Spiritual Exercises

Another aspect that needs your attention is your mind, particularly your self-awareness. With a strong mind, you can perform all your responsibilities at home and in the office, you’re more disciplined with your diet and exercise, and you can influence people positively, too. Combine personal with spiritual belief and you will live a longer, wiser life.

Personal Relationships

In relation to your mind, you should also foster a good relationship with everyone, or at least with most people, you interact with. Respect your elders and bond with your siblings because family is love. Spend time with your friends and listen to everyone with beliefs that are different than yours. After all, good discussion nurtures new ideas and if you’re a good listener, people are most likely to listen to you and respect you back.


Now that you’ve paid attention to your personal needs and interpersonal relationships, it’s also practical and healthy to check your career. Is this really what you want to do for the rest of your working life? Do you only see this as a stepping stone for your life goals? Take care of your job as it feeds your family and enables you to take care of yourself. Nothing is free, after all.

Still, all five areas interact with one another and are equally important for a healthy and long life. Share these with your friends and family to help them be healthier, too.

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