Myths About Perfumes

Myths About Perfumes

According to the best personal care manufacturers in UAE, people would either spend only a few dirhams on perfume or they would spend thousands of dirhams to get the perfume they have been looking for. The perfume business is the most expensive businesses in the world. You can find all people having some kind body spray or perfume in their hand carry. There are so many restaurants and public spaces that have categorically stated that if you smell bad, you will be excused out of the premises. To some people, it is rude, but it creates uneasiness for the people sitting around a person.

People use the best oud perfume in Dubai because we all know that Dubai is one of the hottest cities on earth. This means that sweating is very common – one has to make sure to smell good at all times. But you will be surprised to know that people have come up with all kinds of gibberish stuff about perfumes. Here, you will know about the most common myths debunked about perfumes.

Myth: some old folks say that if a woman is taken a bath at night and she wears a perfume and stands under a tree, ghosts haunt the woman.

Truth: this is not true at all. In fact, if you bathed before sleep and wear a perfume, you will have the most amazing sleep of your life.

Myth: the tigers and cheetahs are attracted with the smell of Calvin Klein’s perfumes?

Truth: yes, this is true. There are so many zoos in the world that will not let you in the zoo if you are wearing a strong smell. Even in India, people trap man eating tigers using this fragrance.

Myth: there is a Victoria’s Secret perfume that repel the mosquitos.

Truth: yes, this is true and this was proved in the research done in 2015, where the researchers were looking for a fragrance that would attract the mosquitos.

Myth: a strong smell will always last long.

Truth: this may vary from a brand to brand but many times, it has been noticed that a strong smell fades away soon.

Myth: perfume is applied best when dispersed in air.

Truth: this is not true at all. You will be just wasting perfume and it would sit on your clothes or skin for longer period of time.

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