Love Yourself: Pampering for the Busy Businesswoman

When you’re busy with work and other responsibilities, it’s easy to forget to set aside time for yourself. You don’t even notice that your hair has lost its shine or your nail polish is chipped until someone points them out. Don’t wait for other people to notice that you’ve missed your waxing appointment or you haven’t been sleeping well. Here are some pampering services you should squeeze in your busy schedule soon:

Hair and Nail Spa

It may be a simple nail and foot spa, but the feeling of just sitting down and letting the experts work their magic can relieve some of the stresses of work. After visiting a nail salon in Motor City, you get healthier and better-looking nails, making the experience worth it. You don’t need to do this weekly, but every two weeks should leave you with nails that are always perfectly styled for any occasion, even last-minute digs.

Full Body Massage

How about a day out doing activities that are just for yourself? Forget work and turn your phone off. Relax. A full-body massage could be one way to reward yourself for handling a tough week or month. If you don’t feel like doing it alone, you can invite a friend or your significant other for a massage for two. Then, head to your favorite restaurant for a good meal to cap off the day. Don’t have the entire day free? No problem. A massage can take one to two hours, leaving you plenty of time to get back into the grind, but more relaxed than usual.


The face easily shows signs of aging, and your frown lines and wrinkles will be evident if you don’t take care of the skin on your face. This is why facial therapy is one of the suggested ways to pamper yourself. Erase the signs of stress on the first part of your body that people notice, and let experts rejuvenate your skin. Thalgo facial is a great treatment for all skin types, and it involves an exclusive recipe that effectively works on your problem areas. Sure, you can do a DIY facial at home, but the soothing hands of an expert will always make you feel better.

You may get one full day of rest or just a few hours of downtime, but it’s important to set aside some of it for yourself. Everyone else will be fine without your help for a few hours. Take care of yourself before you take care of others.

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