4 Investment Ideas for Retirees in the Middle East

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Change can be stressful for many people. After all, moving to a new home, working in a different office, and starting a family can be challenging especially if you’re not ready. One life change that not everyone is prepared for is retirement. Millions of people worldwide retire with only their pension, often depending on their children for help instead of staying independent despite the new life chapter.

If you or someone you know will be facing retirement soon, have you asked yourself if you’re financially prepared for the older age? Do you have the resources to maintain a home, fund your medical expenses, and maybe travel around the world on your own? If you’re looking for ideas to grow your life savings, here are four investment areas that can work for you.


The frequency and volume of food intake may vary in every culture, but people in general love to eat. If you cook well enough, you can be your own chef and build a small restaurant in your neighborhood. Invest in kitchen equipment depending on your expertise, and maybe hire an assistant to help you with heavier work. If you significant savings off your pension or insurance, you can also buy a franchise of your local restaurant for easier business management. As long as you maintain a high level of service and quality in your food business, your customers will keep coming back for your delicious food.

Personal Care Services

Apart from eating, self-pampering is also a favorite activity for people across all ages. Women love to go to salons for hair and makeup, and men spend hours for massage when they can. You can even have retirees as your target market since you already know what you want to get from a personal care service store. With enough business capital, you can rent a salon space in the city or even set up a massage parlor in your garage. You can tailor your services to the elderly so you can invite your fellow retirees as your customers.

Transportation Services

Mobility is key in this modern world of connectivity. Since not everyone owns a car, you can set up a fleet of vehicles for hire in your city. You can lease these vehicles to tourists, business travelers, and even locals who only want the convenience of driving a car and not the responsibility of owning it. You can get document attestation uae to know the requirements and permits in securing your transportation business.

Real Estate Investments

If you have hundreds of thousands of savings in the bank, you can also consider investing in real properties in your city. A property lawyers uae can help you with the paperwork and legal details to buy and develop a piece of land. This is highly profitable since there are lots of potential in this field.


Secure your future and consider these investment ideas for your retirement. Perhaps one of these is your chance for a more comfortable life.


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