How to Record your show for radio?

Have you ever felt the vibration of your nerves? Have you ever felt friction from so near, especially when you are walking forward towards stage or any place that frightens you? Have you ever felt the skipping of breath whenever you find your fear in front of you? Have you ever freezing of your feet that continue to your legs and then spine?

If yes! Then don’t create panic because majority of the people face the same symptoms at the time of facing their fear! That’s the reason why people are called fighters who face their fear despite going through lots of stressful symptoms.

Majority of the population of the world feel the same bodily reactions when they are tasked to speak publicly. According to estimation and different surveys, public speaking is the second biggest fear after death. That’s why, public speakers are highly paid and that why there are not so many public speakers and orators. 

These orators and speakers are very influential. They can make everyone to believe on their statements and follow their every word. Therefore, every country send the best speaker of their country in international summits and government hire the best speakers and anchors to represent the country on international platforms.

Public speaking is to speak the masses by coming on stage, on camera or on radio. All three of them are difficult in their own way because in the send a person know that he or she would be listened by public. However, there are ways and some techniques or steps to combat the fear and make the journey from home to recording studio to record the show easy. These easy-to-follow steps are:

  1. Write: Write down what you are feeling or sensing. If you are not good in expressing yourselves through writing, then switch on your sound recorder and speak on it. You can also go to washroom and speak to yourselves whatever is coming in your mind. The more you speak about your fear, the more you will accept it. And acceptance is the first step to go beyond your fear. 
  2. Practice: After accepting your fear, practice the script you have made. Repeat it number of times to attain perfection. The series of practice should be ended at the point when you are satisfied with your performance because your satisfaction will make you confident about your skills. 
  3. Record: After attaining confidence, go to recording studio and record the show. 

So, these are three basic steps to step into recording studio Dubai without fear!! Hope it has helped you. If you want to read more then click on the button where its written “click for more info

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