How to manage remote/international employees

Managing employees is never an easy task especially when you are managing RAK offshore company where you may or may not always be present at the site to help people. So how does one manage their employees from afar making sure that their tasks are being completed and high level of productivity is continued? Here are some tips to get you through it:

  • Keep communicating

One of the biggest mistakes that overseas employers make is that they hand over the task to their team and doesn’t ask for the feedback or follow up, expecting them to complete it on time. When you are provided with all the facilities then you should definitely stay updated with the progress and find time in your day to ask for follow ups because we believe your employees must be equally busy but communication helps and gets you through everything.

  • Respect cultural diversity

When you are away from working site it is easy to ignore all the other things around except for work but you need to be careful about the cultural diversities and how it could affect different people. Stay up to date with different cultural days so that you can wish them at the right time or when you are requested for an off, you aren’t caught off guard.

  • Address time zone differences

This is one thing which you need to be careful about when working across different time zones. It is possible that you may ask your team for a follow and not realize that it’s already off time. Some employers go ahead and don’t care about the time zones but when you do this it may leave no respect in employee’s heart for you. So, respect times zone differences which will always let employees know about your etiquettes.

  • Consider feedbacks

Every once in a while make sure that you contact your employees for anonymous feedback and not skimp through it because they can tell you a lot about what you are doing wrong and how it can be molded to make it more effective. Always consider the feedback and know and understand what can be done right.

There are so many other things which can be done but here are the basics to make your employment more effective, just be sure to follow them and be open to all sorts of things. 

Author: admin