Contemporary Arts: Then v/s Now

Contemporary Arts: Then v/s Now

Contemporary art is today’s art form, produced from either the mid-twentieth century or in the early twenty-first century.

Contemporary Art Then:

Many contemporary artists work in an internationally varied, culturally and technically advanced, and socially influencing world.

The term was first used in a 1964 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City organized by starch collector Peter Young.

It became the label for a new and different type of art that was to gain popularity and distinction soon after its first exhibition.

In the succeeding years, many more exhibitions and discussions on the future definition of contemporary art grew out of this exhibition.

The art movement in twentieth-century, which was sparked off by jazz and the coming of the Great Depression, had an important role in the evolution of contemporary arts.

As a result, American, contemporary art came to include diverse artists from various genres such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, furniture-making, jewelry, textiles, and music.

Contemporary Art Now:

Today, contemporary arts are increasingly being recognized as an important and progressive force in society. The late twentieth century saw a tremendous growth in international awareness, appreciation, and value of these artistic forms.

Today, contemporary artists use a wide variety of media to create their art. They make use of paintings, prints, paint by numbers, photographic images, and video to create their work. Their art can be made as a response to current events, popular culture, or popular ideas. For example, contemporary paintings and sculptures created by contemporary artists about the Iraq war can be seen all over the country.

In contemporary art, there is a great deal of social meaning attached to the creation. The types of art being produced changes frequently, taking into account ever changing social conditions and concerns. This has resulted in artists being highly motivated to produce work that depicts current social situations.

There is no simple answer to this question to find the main art in Dubai as there are many. Some people feel that contemporary painting and sculpture are a way to beautify the world while others consider contemporary art to be a form of modern art.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that contemporary art should not in any way compromise the quality of traditional art. Both traditional art and contemporary art have their own unique contributions to make in the present day. The important thing is to choose a medium that best suits you.

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