5 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen’s Design

Tired of your old kitchen design? Here are five easy ways you can refresh the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank!

  • Spruce up the cabinets – Update the design of your cabinets by simply adding or replacing the cabinet handles. If you have a rustic kitchen design in Dubai with white cabinets and cupboards, you can outfit them with colorful handles that will draw the eye. For modern and minimalist cabinets, the best choices are metal handles in stainless steel, bronze, gold, or copper. There are also cabinet handles and pulls that have unusual designs, which will make for eye-catching pieces and will give your kitchen a quirky character.
  • Adapt a new color palette – Nothing can best reinvent the look of your kitchen than a new splash of colors. For a bright and airy atmosphere, you can choose pastel colors and light tones, such as cyan, peach, peach, coral, and butter. If your kitchen has a modern or minimalist design, you can offset the neutral shades with bold colors in select areas. Go for wine red, royal blue, olive green, or even lemon yellow. Eye-popping colors are best complemented by the warm tones of wood, or the immaculate beauty of white. Black, grey, and metallic colors are also great partners for these striking shades.
  • Use innovative storage solutions – Install kitchen cabinets that can keep bulky appliances out of sight. Such design allows for a streamlined and tidy look for your kitchen. Put distinctively designed wall shelves – this allows you to have additional storage space, without taking more of your floor space or kitchen workspace. Well-designed kitchen shelves can also add character to your kitchen, and give visitors something beautiful to look at.
  • Look up at the ceiling – Most homeowners forget the ceiling of their kitchens. Expert interior designers however think kitchen ceilings have a lot of potential. You can install tiles, paint a mural, or build a decorative lighting system. Others use wood beams and woodwork to add warmth to the kitchen ceiling, together with diffused lights that bathe the space in a soft glow. This makes your kitchen more than just a place to cook – it will also be an ideal place to host events, welcome guests, and have family dinners.
  • Let there be light – Make sure the kitchen is well-lit. If you can afford to, choose sizeable windows that bring in significant light during the day. At night, turn on lighting fixtures that provide dramatic but adequate lighting. You can opt for hanging/pendant lights, track lighting, wall lighting, or undercabinet lights. To get more ideas on the best ways to renovate your kitchen, visit modstudiointeriors.com.

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