2017 Office Design Trends You Should Know About

Are you a business owner who’s planning to build your own 50-strong marketing company this year? Are you a facilities administrator in an offshore location for a multinational company? Are you an employee who’s tired of a drab, far-from-inspirational office space to work on every day? Whether you have the direct power to change the interior design in your office or you’re one of the staff, you’ve probably thought, in one way or another, of renovating your office.

To help achieve your vision of a better look in your office, here are 2017 office design trends you should know about.

Collaborative Spaces

There’s a trend in the workplace that attempts to recognize and maybe even address the generational gaps among peers. There’s the Generation X or baby boomers, the so-called Generation Y or millennials, and now there’s also a Generation Y, or those who just came into the working scene right out of college.

While colleagues coming from these generations have their different strengths and weaknesses, the important thing for them to thrive and be productive is to collaborate. This is where collaborative spaces come in. Respected office design dubai suggest large, open spaces where everyone can voice out their opinion, express their concerns, and brainstorm efficiently, thus fostering collaboration, innovation, and camaraderie.

Active Colors

It’s been established among psychology and design experts that, yes, colors do have different effects as a factor in an environment. You feel relaxed when you see trees and the sea, right? And, somehow, you feel hungrier when eating at restaurants with red interiors. The same principles can be applied in the office. Incorporating various shades of active colors like red, orange, yellow, green, and a little blue can help energize your employees. If you need to tone down a bit, you can also include brown, cream, or shades of gray in corporate meeting rooms.

Multifunctional design

Apart from collaboration and active energy, flexibility is also a trend that interior fit out companies in dubai firms recommend. Instead of strictly separating a room’s purpose, as followed in traditional office design, why not try making a meeting room that also serves as a breakout area for individuals who need a safe place to breathe for a minute? You can also incorporate flexibility in office furniture, buying large tables that transform into pingpong tables, maybe, or a pantry cabinet that doubles as a coat rack.

Home Feels

While a good working space encourages people to, well, work, it also doesn’t hurt to make your employees feel more at home, too. After all, you all stay during the entire day, 5 days a week, and you spend a lot of time working, time you can’t gain back. Of course, the workspace would still be collaborative, open, and in energetic colors, but it will also be comfortable. It’s nice to lounge on deep, soft sofas while sipping high-quality, free coffee, don’t you agree?

Wouldn’t it be great to work in an environment designed with these concepts in mind? Consider these office design trends for your next renovation project.

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